Conscious applications in arts, design, academe and technology


Human existence and what it means to be human in the moment. Located in Redland Florida, southwest Dade County, "the farm" is a sanctuary grounded in a state of being. A lush 5 acres dedicated to giving back to earth, that which she gives. Wellbeing is fostered by the regenerative natural experience of the land, and its life. In stillness, thought, and inspiration. 

Farm-to-Urban is the partner residency of ArtsUP! Concepts in Ft. Lauderdale, bringing to foreground the artists' critical acknowledgement of diverse communities and environments spanning rural Dade to urban Broward Counties.

Farm-to-Urban is a living-journal in awareness. 


the farm

Invitational residency (free lodging) and fee-based company retreats. Open to doers with conscious practices in art, design, academia and technology. Funded, and commercially supported initiatives are welcome to this strategically located retreat.


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Ready to take the next step? You can participate in a living journal of aware practitioners, contributing to a collective study of one of the most fragile and densely-populated environments in the USA, Coastal South East Florida. 


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